1961 Porsche 356B – “Upside Down Bathtub”

Words Bob Sblendorio, photos Chris Penree:   Mark Schultz is a 4th generation business owner, the original which was started back in 1916 by Jacob Schultz—Mark’s great-grandfather.   He was a skilled blacksmith, building wagons , wheels and chassis in Utica. Mark’s grandfather, Walter Schultz, moved the business to Rome in 1940.  Walter, known as “Dutch”, was […]

A Garage Visit with the “Northern Utah Mustang Owners Association”

By Mike Mastracco Like father—like son—like daughter… Heidi has a full background of automotive knowledge and work experience that includes working for two professional race car teams before coming to work for Johnny Johnson, her father. Together, the first car they restored was her 1966 Mustang GT 350H, yes, a real Hertz Mustang. It was

0 – 60mph in 1.99 secs!! – 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid

Words & photos by Bob Sblendorio When owner Dave Griffin demonstrated the acceleration of his 1,020 hp 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid he first pre-set my wife and I with the following instructions: “Hold on tight, put your head firmly against the headrest.  Are you ready? …here we go.”   And go we did!  The acceleration

Mustang Ranch – Murray, Utah

No, not the one in Nevada that you are thinking about… Words & photos by Mike Mastracco For years my son Mike has had his eyes on my 1966 Mustang coupe.  He even asked me if he could drive it to school at the end of his senior year, I said “sure.”  He continues to

28th Annual Willys Reunion

Aurora, Ohio   May 21-22, 2021 Words & photos by Mike Mastracco Jeep is such an iconic name like Coke, Ford, Xerox, it’s been around since 1941, and recognized in most countries.  We all grew up with the Jeep brand, either we’ve owned a Jeep product, or a neighbor, relative or friend has owned one. In

‘OLRED’… a 1962 Corvette

Words by Bob Sblendorio, photos by Chris Penree. “Chronic car enthusiast’s affliction” is a serious condition I recently read about in an article by Don Sherman in Corvette Magazine.  It’s a life-long affliction with no known cure.  The symptoms can be treated though, but it’s expensive and usually involves buying more cars.  Diagnosis is relatively

Motorcycle Cannonball…

“It was an ass-kicker,” is probably an understatement. How about riding for eight hours on a cantankerous 11-hp, rigid frame 1915 Harley-Davidson with no windshield, laboring up the “Going-to-the-Sun” road in Glacier National Park, battling constant headwinds, ascending 7,000 feet in elevation, crossing the Continental Divide, through fog, which turned to mist, then rain, then wet snow and snow at the top? Along the way, making any and all repairs by yourself? After surviving that day’s ride, then having to work on the bike until midnight or 1:00 am, and  finally going to sleep…up at 6:00 am to do it all again? That’s a typical day—of the sixteen grueling days—participating in the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run. When 69 year-old Steve DeCosa referred to the event as an “ass-kicker”—it’s definitely (not probably) an understatement.

A Local Truck’s Connection to Seabiscuit

The late 1930s were a dark and tumultuous time in the history of the United States.  The Great Depression had been ravaging the American spirit to the core for nearly a decade.  The economy was in ruins with unrelenting high unemployment; most citizens were financially wiped-out and many—were just plain hungry.

1941 Chrysler Windsor Highlander

Words Jim MacLachlan, photos Chris Penree:     Pat Abbott of Kirkville, NY was participating in a local car cruise last summer at Lewis Park in Minoa with his 1930 Model A coupe.  As he was listening to the band play, the priest from the church he attends came up to him and asked if

TrackMasters – “I’ve had this racing thing in my blood my whole life”

Words Bob Sblendorio, photos Dalton Dobson:    “I’ve had this racing thing in my blood my whole life.  I like to push myself in a lot of cases, which can be intimidating,” explained Tracy Lyman.  This past year she embarked on the Trackmasters driver education program, which operates out of Watkins Glen International Speedway. The

RJ CARS-Still Fresh From The Barn-30 Years Later

Words Barry Alt, photos Darren Ohara: Gearing up for the 30th anniversary of the successful restoration business Russell Jacobs started in 1989, he looks back on his experiences and plans for the road ahead. “I started dragging old cars home when I was 14 years old, to my mom’s family farm, working on anything old

Driving for Change in the Digital Automotive Marketplace

Words Natasha Wright, photos Barry Alt:    When Barry Alt first launched Motorhead Digital he knew there were automotive businesses ready for a higher level of performance in their digital marketing. As a serious car enthusiast, he also understood what these businesses had to offer. Barry spent his high school years attending an automotive trade

It’s Chrome with Red…

Words Bob Sblendorio, photos Chris Penree:     When someone asks about the color of her 1951 Mercury Sedan… “It’s chrome with red,” says Nancy Metrick with a laugh.  She loves old cars and chrome, hence her choice of a Mercury with voluminous amounts of chrome, especially that front bumper.  One of her favorite design

1974 De Tomaso Pantera

Words Mike Mastracco, photos Chris Penree:    Pantera, Italian for panther, a very powerful animal that adapts well to a variety of habitats.  From 1971 to 1974 the De Tomaso car company of Modena, Italy produced the De Tomaso Pantera, a mid-engine supercar for export to the U.S. market.  This new Italian design sports car


Words Bob Sblendorio, and photos Chris Penree:    Al Brandolini may be—just may be—the only person in the world to officially win a ¼-mile drag-race with a bone stock 24 hp Model A against a ‘60s era muscle car…an Oldsmobile 442 to be exact.  Is that really possible? It was 1968 at the New England

The Great Auto Race of 1908

Words by Bob Sblendorio:    The 24 Hours of Le Mans and the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 are impressive races – but how about a non-stop, 169 day, 22,000 mile race from NYC to Paris – in 1908!  Is that even possible?  Well, it did actually happen, at a time when horse and carriage was still

Apex Invitational at Fountain Elms–Tradition Lives On

Words Pete Maio, photos Chris Penree:    Since their first show in the 1950’s the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Car Show has consistently maintained its standing as the most prestigious invitational in Central New York.  With this past year’s “Apex Invitational at Fountain Elms” the tradition continues. Held in conjunction with the Arts Institute’s Summer Festival

Volkswagen Club of Central New York

Words by Mike Mastracco:    Central New York is abundant with active car clubs.  One local club is the “Volkswagen Club of Central New York”, which is also a chapter of the “Vintage Volkswagen Club of America.” Dan Stevens is current President of this local club and Albert M Finocchiaro is currently the Regional Rep

2017 Volkswagen Alltrack

I can still remember my first experiences with cars. Working with my grandfather, as he patched up his old cars, I admired his ability to seemingly fix everything and know the answer to any question. Being from the south, he taught me how to drive at a young age on twisty back roads and handmade

Volkswagen Couple

By Nick Graziano and photos by Dalton Dobson:    After a year of marriage, Central Square couple Pati and Scott Pearse were faced with a decision that would ultimately change their life. Pati needed a new car, an affordable one, preferably, two.  One of Scott’s German co-workers suggested he buy an old Volkswagen Beetle that

1967 Volkswagen T1 Pickup Truck

Words by Jacob Cetnar and Photos by Chris Penree:   In the year 1967, many would agree that Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet pickup trucks ruled the land. International, Toyota, and a few others had trucks, but they did not have the popularity and mystique of “the big three” American brands. They were producing rugged, V8

History Revisited

Words Sharie Sblendorio, Photos Jackie Tomarchio Hood:    The Village of Canastota rolled out the red carpet and welcomed the participants of the 2018 New York-to-Paris Great Race celebration. The members of Apex Automotive Magazine, village officials, the public and many car enthusiasts from around the area were there to greet the participants on June 22.

Kaiser Darrin…The Crown Jewel

Words by Mike Mastracco and photos by Dalton Dobson:    Kaiser Darrin, also known as the Kaiser Darrin 161 or in short terms as the “Darrin” was an American sports car designed by Howard “Dutch” Darrin and built by Kaiser Motors for the 1954 model year.  In this one year production run, a scantly 435

Sentimental ‘47 Indian Chief

Words Bob Sblendorio, photos Chris Penree:    For Marcia Dunn, a ‘47 Indian Chief parked in the breakfast area of her small kitchen will probably be the best medicine in her journey of healing.  “It’s something that when I look at or touch it, I always think of Tim,” her late husband who recently died

The Great Auto Race of 1908

Words by Bob Sblendorio:    The 24 Hours of Le Mans and the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 are impressive races – but how about a non-stop, 169 day, 22,000 mile race from NYC to Paris – in 1908!  Is that even possible? Well, it did actually happen, at a time when horse and carriage was still

1977 Charger SE…Floodgate of Memories

by Mike Mastracco After attending a car show in Ogdensburg with his 1977 Dodge Charger SE, Liverpool resident Tom Rose took a drive past his grandparents’ house in the area, opening a floodgate of memories. The Charger lived in the house’s garage for almost 20 years, collecting dust, before it soon became Rose’s. He had

1967 Shelby Cobra 427

Words Bob Sblendorio, photos Thomas Sblendorio:    A 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 is a car that you just don’t get to see very often…or ever.  It’s a legendary car. “The 427 is just monstrous to drive” is how Jim Taylor describes driving the car.  Of the many cars in his collection, it’s one of the

Morrisville College Automotive Program

Words Bob Sblendorio, photos Thomas Sblendorio:    “I love it — why else would I drive three hours a day to come and work here,” explained Ron Alexander, an instructor and the Department Chair of the automotive program at Morrisville College.  He’s not alone in his passion because 15 of the 16 instructors in the

Saratoga Auto Museum

When you think of horse racing and New York State, it is almost impossible for Saratoga Springs not to come to mind. Dating back to 1863, it is arguably one of the most important pieces of history in the whole state. All summer the local news stations report on the latest odds, race results, and

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