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Apex Automotive Magazine Issue 11 Summer 2017


Apex Automotive Magazine Issue 10 Spring 2017

Corvettes of New York State

Behind the Scenes at Counting Cars

Licari Motor Car

Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum

Bul Auto Sales

Syracuse Corvette Club

… and more


Apex Automotive Magazine Issue 9 Winter 2017

2016 Corvette Z06 Review

Day Trippin’ through NY

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Rust Commodity

Delorean DMC12

Oriskany Garage & Tire

Super Dirt Week

MG Club of CNY

… and more


Apex Automotive Magazine Issue 8 Fall 2016

Fall is here. The season all CNY car owners dread – as it means the close of another show season and a long break from enjoying the nice weather and the events that accompany it.

With the weather about to turn, it bares the question – What will you be doing with your down time? Will you be turning to winter activities and putting the car scene on
the shelf for a while? Or do you go into build mode and work in the garage on your ride for the next coming season? Perhaps a little of both? Inside this issue, we feature:

2016 Nissan 370Z Review

1997 Dodge Viper GTS Supercharged

Keysor Automobile Works

Infiniti G35

Buffalo Vs. Syracuse drag race at ESTA

… and more


Apex Automotive Magazine Issue 7 Late Summer 2016

Where did the summer go? It seems as if we blinked and missed it. Ah, the life of a car enthusiast in central New York… there’s never enough time to see and do everything you want during the summer months.

We’ve had an amazing time at the shows throughout the season. We shared a booth with Tucci Hot Rods at the Syracuse Nationals and met so many new faces and heard some great stories. We had our booth set up at Street Scene and a number of other area shows and cruise-ins. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate everyone telling us how much they love what we’re doing with the magazine – it is what keeps us going! Inside this issue, we feature:

2016 FORD FOCUS ST Review


Syracuse Nationals coverage

Street Scene 2016 recap

Not one.. but TWO Nissans

… and more


Apex Automotive Magazine Issue 6 Summer 2016

Well, it’s finally here.. summer in Central New York. The car show season is in full swing, and our team could not be more excited to bring you the next edition of the magazine in time for the infamous Syracuse Nationals. This is our first dual-cover issue. The Nationals edition features Bob May’s ’32 Duece Coupe. The Subscriber and Newsstand edition features the Gulf Livery Ford GT40 owned by Dan Cassinelli. Collect them both! Inside, we feature:

2017 Cadillac XTS

Greenwich Concours D’Elegance


Gulfin’ in Style

Winning Deuce

… and more


Apex Automotive Magazine Issue 5 Spring 2016

This issue marks our one year anniversary of being in publication. It’s been a lot of late nights and long weekends putting these issues together for the local car community, but we have to say.. the response from everyone has been amazing. Spring 2016 includes:


Apex Automotive Magazine Issue 4 Winter 2015

It’s a strange feeling to put out our Winter edition of Apex Automotive Magazine before receiving any significant snowfall. We won’t complain though, as that means we can still enjoy our cars (well, those of us who didn’t put them away in October – we feel bad for those guys!). Winter 2015 issue has features the following:

Apex Automotive Magazine Issue 3 Fall 2015

We’ve crammed it to the gills again with great rides, killer show coverage (including an interview with the founder of Street Scene – Chris Burkhart), we visit a museum, cover some motorsports action, and of course a few recaps of local car shows. Fall 2015 includes:

Apex Automotive Magazine Issue 2 Summer 2015

You all make this area great, with your jeeps, your trucks, your mud boggers, your classics, your muscle cars, your rat-rods, your roadsters, your imports, your supercars, your luxury rides, your vans, your electric cars, your daily drivers, your motorcycles, your scooters, your ATVs, your UTVs, your specialty automotive businesses, your aftermarket support services, your event venues, your shows, your creativity, and your ability to take it to the next level. We salute you, car-crazed CNY, and we’re proud to bring you our second edition. Apex Automotive Magazine issue 2 includes:

Apex Automotive Magazine Premier Issue Spring 2015

Apex Automotive Magazine is the passion project of a local group of car enthusiasts from the Central New York area. With most of our group’s individuals having 10+ years in print design, photography, marketing, and journalism, we have all the ingredients to put together one heck of a “local” magazine. We thought it would be fun to collaborate and put out an amazing publication like the area has never seen.

A Home Built Rocket

Drag Racing 101

R/C Car Racing

New Age Hotrods

… and more


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