‘If I want to go slow, I drive the Model A…If I want to go fast, I drive the 911S!’

Words by Bob Sblendorio, photos by owner:

    A member of the Mohican Model A Ford Club since the early 1970s, Bill Kritzler owns a 1930 Model A…but that is not a requirement to becoming a member.  The Club welcomes anyone that wants to be a member regardless of the car that someone may own; in fact, car ownership is not even required.

Bill also owns a (now) mint 1969 Porsche 911S, a car purchased back in 1999 in Virginia.  It was a car his son found for him; actually, the purchase included two cars for the price of one.  What a bargain! Well maybe…

The deal included another 911, albeit a parts car.  Bill acknowledged the “good” car was unrestored and had rust and mechanical issues.  After utilizing parts from the parts car, he sold the parts car to another owner who needed to do additional scavenging.  Was there anything left?

The car now is a beauty with body work and a paint job done by Mark Schultz, owner of Schultz Autoworks in Utica, NY [see Summer-2017 cover article about Mark and his business].  It was painted to the original color, which is “Gemini Blue.” The engine is an air cooled 2.2L flat 6-cyl with six Weber carburetors with 160 hp. It has a 5-speed transmission and the original Fuchs wheels.  The engine was rebuilt to the original specs by Fehlman Brothers Automotive in Syracuse, NY.

The “S” model designation denotes special body trim modifications and an engine with bigger displacement.  These days, the 911S is a sought after Porsche and can fetch northward of six figures. It was very enjoyable to meet Bill and talk to him about his beautiful rides.

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