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Spring is finally here. For many of us, this means an opportunity to clean off all the salt, sand, and grime from our vehicles. We can also roll out the shop vacuum to clean out the interior and make the car about 10 pounds lighter with gravel and dirt removed from the carpets. With this being the Central New York area, spring will probably be here a couple of times with a few winter days mixed in before warmer weather is fully committed.

I remember the first time I washed and waxed my first car. The supply situation in my parents’ garage cabinet was somewhat limited. There was some wax product in a can and another in a squeezable bottle with the name “Insulator Wax” displayed on the side. I applied the canned wax first using a yellow pad which looked to have experienced a few birthdays on a shelf collecting dust. Satisfied with the coverage, I then wiped off the wax using a t-shirt. Remind you that this was before I had gained knowledge of microfiber towels to prevent paint scratches and other car detailing techniques. The t-shirt worked well I suppose. I squeezed out the insulator wax onto a different t-shirt and began to use it on the hood of the car, then the sides and rear hatch area. I don’t remember much more of the process that day, but something that has always stuck in my mind is that the car paint repelled water for months. Because I was still living at home and did not have access to a garage, another side benefit of the insulator wax was prevention of tree sap and bird waste staining into the paint. A simple hose off was the most effort required to blast off any particles and have a decent shine once more.

Waxy Business | Collinite WaxThe Collinite brand was founded back in 1936 by a man named Charles H. Collins. Like many businesses, Collinite was started up because of Charles’ dissatisfaction with existing products. Charles wanted to achieve excellence in car cleaning products and sought to create his own which was superior to others available on the market. Charles did not have a formal background in chemistry science, but was determined to utilize information through research and experimentation until his goal of an excellent product was met.

Collinite has relied on the quality of its products along with the passing of information through word of mouth from automotive and marine vehicle enthusiasts. Very little marketing took place throughout the years to assist with sales. The products essentially sold themselves.

Many of us probably have our own stories regarding the use of Collinite products on our boats, cars, and maybe even shining up the snowmobile. Detailing products for our toys can sometimes be hit or miss when it comes to finding what works best in the application. I admit to changing up the types of pads, random orbital buffers, towels, and polishes as my detailing experience increased. One item that has always remained constant is the use of Collinite as a finishing product to ensure the multiple hours of hard work stayed looking fresh. I am proud that Collinite comes from the Central New York area and wish them continued success in detailing and cleaning products.

Story: Brian Coupe

Photos: Chris Penree

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