2015 Jeeps At The Beach

2015 Jeeps At The Beach

Earlier today we headed out to Sylvan Beach for this years Jeeps at the Beach.  This annual event is hosted by CNYJeep.org and takes place on the first Sunday in August.  Jeeps of all shapes and sizes are welcome and even those of us with completely stock rigs can join in. The cost to get in is only $10 and all proceeds from the event benefit the Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse NY. The total count for this years show was 210 Jeeps, only 4 more than last year but still an amazing turnout.

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  1. My fiance, our kids and I were there Just tons of amazing Jeeps and Even more amazing owners. We have a son who is special needs and he came with us. He comes to almost all the Jeep events with us and smiles away. This particular event a gentleman and his two sons stopped and were talking to us. His son is special needs as well. We started talking about the wheelchairs and he mentioned he had a umbrella style his son couldn’t use. He offered it to us free of charge, this for us was unreal. I was thinking ok so we’ll talk about it and in a month or so everyone will forget about it. Nope! Not this guy ( believe his name was Steve ). He said we’ll be right back. We’re running home to grab the chair we’ll be right back. He drove all the way to Sheryl and back and gave my step son a almost new wheel chair. I can’t thank him enough for his giving heart and amazing soul. May Karma always be on your side.

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