Trucks Gone Wild – Event Coverage


This weekend we stopped into Trucks Gone Wild, which was held at Maximum Power Park in Poland, NY. It’s a huge gathering of mud loving, truck enthusiasts featuring mud pits, jumps, tug of war, ATV trails, mud trench, freestyle, bounty hole, tire pit, sand pit and more.

There were food and merchandise vendors in attendance, as well as live performances by: The Lacs, Sarah Ross, Lenny Cooper and Moccasin Creek.

Trucks Gone Wild specializes in video editing, event promotions, online communities and much more. They promote a number similar gatherings all over the country, and help grow the motorsport with the videos they put together covering them all.

Attending the event was a blast, even as a spectator we had a lot of fun watching all the awesome rigs tear up the terrain. If you are a fan of big tires, flying mud, tons of horsepower and roaring engines – this is an event not to be missed.

Trucks Gone Wild



Maximum Power Park




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