1957 Chevy Bel Air

My 1957 Chevy BelAir is a labor of love.  I acquired the car in 1994 as a Christmas present from my wife.  When I saw the car, the chassis was a roller and all glass, seats, interior and exterior trim was in boxes.   The BelAir sat in a 1 car garage until 2000 when I started to restore the car.  I spent hours slowly sanding the body down to bare metal using electric palm sanders.   The body was painted in 2001 by my son-in-law.   It then sat in the garage again until 2004, when the restoration started again.   The body was lightly sanded and repainted in the original turquoise/white paint scheme.  The interior was redone by a local upholstery shop. All glass, bumpers, and trim are original to the car and have not been rechromed or plated.   There is no bondo or metal work done to the body. The motor is the original 283 SBC block that has been machined out to 289 CI.   It makes approx. 400 hp.  The restoration was completed in 2013.   I enjoy traveling to the local shows and meets with my family in the BelAir.

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